Oscars, Smitthers BC Canada - Letter 8

Oscars, Smithers BC Canada - Letter 8

Fishing Report September 4

You don't know until you go out there! That is why we keep fishing. Are there less fish in the system than last year? Quite likely. Are there fish in the system? Yes. Are there big, wild steelhead in the Skeena Watershed? You bet! So go fishing! 


Our home river is in beautiful shape. It got a bit cloudy last week but it is nice and clean again. Big rains forecasted for later in week (we need more water).

Fishing for steel has been challenging this past week for sure but there are fish. The fish are on the move, not sitting. 

Coho and pink fishing has been ok in the usual places. Nice to see some pinks in the system this year.


Great shape. Not much pressure. Some fish caught. Dry fly fishing anyone? Now is the time.


No fishing report for the Babine. Lots of bears at the bridge however. Be extra careful. 


Perfect shape. After being high and dirty - which was a good thing. Report of a few fish caught. 


Skeena is dropping and cleaning - very fishable again. Fishing has been slower just like everywhere else but some fish have been caught. So go fish.... before it rains.


Join us for some great events this fall! Good time to hang out after a hard day of fishing to catch up with other anglers.